Roku is the best streaming player in terms of a wide range of video content and set up. All you need is to visit and create an account. Redeem and enter the Roku activation code to start watching your favorite movies and the latest episodes of your tv shows. Watch your favorite shows and movies with Roku anytime and from anywhere.

How to Setup Roku Device?

Setup your Roku device with the given below steps:

1. Unbox the streaming device from the package and lay out all the necessary cables beforehand.
2. Connect the Roku streaming device to the TV and then your device to the wall socket.
3. You can use either of these methods to connect the streaming devices to the TV.
       • HDMI
       • Composite cables
4. Once you connect the streaming device to the TV, connect the device to your wall socket using an adapter.
5. Power on the device and launch the Roku device on your tv. 

How to Create your Roku Account?

1. Visit the Roku page using
2. New users need to create a new Roku account
3. Enter the required information such as - name, email address, password, Roku PIN, etc.
4. Click on the "Submit" button
5. You will be asked to create a PIN to secure your account and its transactions.
6. Enter your payment details using a Credit card or Paypal account
7. Your Roku account is created successfully.

How to Activate Roku Using Roku Link Code?

Below is a step by step process to Setup and Activate Roku using the

1. Connect it to the internet using WiFi and then, launch the TV screen.
2. Users will receive a Roku Activation Code.
3. Open the web browser on the computer and type for the Roku device activation.
4. Enter the activation code and log in to your previously created Roku account.
5. Now your Roku device has been activated.